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Meet Suzanne: 

Suzanne Patrick is a certified lifestyle and wellness coach, entrepreneur, wife and mom who understands the challenge of knowing what and how to eat while working, raising a family and balancing personal life. Coach Suzanne is passionate about helping others uncover what's weighing them down and provides tools, strategies and support to help people create meaningful, sustainable change in their lives.

Because of her personal journey, Suzanne takes a holistic approach to her work by supporting gut health, nourishing the body, reducing inflammation, balancing hormones and supporting your genotype! Your body is beautifully designed and Coach Suzanne believes that by incorporating various wellness protocols you can experience deep, transformational life changes!

Suzanne Patrick has helped hundreds of individuals on their personal journeys to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. She has over 15 years of experience as a health educator, wellness coach, and fitness trainer. As a specialist in the field of health and wellness, Suzanne has led workshops on weight loss, digestion, nutrition, and has received several nationally recognized awards including Lifestyle Coach of the Year, 2019!  

Thrive in your career, nurture your family, and improve your quality of life.

Lifestyle and Wellness Programs

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Genetic Testing

Get specific lifestyle recommendations based on

YOUR Genetics! 

Nutrition Coaching

Utilize our team to choose the proper nutrition plan for your particular goals.

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Getting you mind and intentions correct is the key to success!

Herbal Medicine


Utilize high-quality nutritional support for maximum vitality! 

Fitness Coaching

Our lifestyle coach can guide you down the road of fitness and movement for your sill level.

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Our coach can keep you on course to reach all of your lifestyle goals.